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How can you offer the rates in Georgia that are so low?
We can because unlike other online sites and agencies, we don't offer just one company. We offer multiple companies! Even companies that are advertising online and on TV right now. We are an independent insurance broker so we can do business with the companies we research & pick, which gives you a quality company at a low rate.

How do you research the companies you pick?
The Companies we do business with are researched and picked based on affordability, claims service, financial  status, customer service, discounts, and  payment plans that are offered. We fit any budget, type of coverage, or situation so you can be satisfied.

Are your quotes really free at no-obligation?
YES! We will ask for your business of course because our rates are only good through our agency. We are an actual insurance agency that will service your insurance needs included by purchasing the policy. Our quotes are free and there is no obligation to do anything to get the quote. We just ask that you consider us to be your agency of choice if our rate is best. Again our agency charges nothing to be your agent or to quote your business.

If I like the quote what then?
Great! Just email, phone us, or visit our office & we'll set up the policy to start when you want (no backdating). We can fax, email, or mail the application out to you for your signature then after the down payment is made over the phone or in person(we accept Master Card,Visa, cash, check, and money order in our office) Your policy starts and you are covered. We'll even fax, mail, or email your ID cards! You'll receive "official" company paper work in the mail a few days later.

What do you guys do for me after I buy the policy?
We service your account, make changes, accept payments, help with claims needs, quote changes on your policy, and answer questions. We service your policy with a personal agent.

Can I trust you with my information?
YES! We are not a network for selling leads to others like other online companies, WE DO NOT share information, and WE DO NOT sell your information. We work within our local Fayetteville, Georgia office and ask what we need to get a quote for you. If additional information is needed to get a lower rate we will ask for it at the time that you choose to continue with an application. Please see out Privacy Police link.

Where is your office?
In Fayetteville, Georgia.  You can reach us in person and welcome you to visit any time. We have been in Fayetteville, GA. since 1972 and have helped hundreds of clients in Georgia. Please see our About/Contact Us section to get more information.

Can I access the companies you represent?
Absolutely! We invite you to research them. Try AMbest.com or Standardandpoors.com and type in the company name. Also please let us know if information is unsatisfactory or poor. 

Whats the quickest way to contact you?
By phone! Please call us anytime within business hours or leave a message at 770-461-1355.